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"David Painter" <> wrote in message <gpaejq$heu$>...
> Hello,
> I never thought I would find myself asking this, but is there another NaN? I have two sources of NaN values in my program, "incalculable" NaNs (e.g., the answer of NaN - x) and "outlier" NaNs. I want to be able to see them at a glance in an array.
> I thought about using infinity (inf) for the outlier NaNs, but there are no infmean and infstd functions to complement nanmean and nanstd. I really don't want to be creating code to avoid this problem. Is something like the following available?
> a = [1 2 3 NaN 3 4 5 NaN2];
> If not, I would appreciate any one-line solutions: e.g., if(any(inf), ignore it, and nanmean(whatever remains). Inelegant to say the least.
> All the best,
> D

  The IEEE 754 standard allows for many different NaNs if desired in a system.  Any number that starts with hex 7FF... or FFF... and is followed by at least one additional non-zero bit is considered a NaN in the standard.

  In matlab I have found only two different NaNs on my ancient system, 7FF8000000000000 and 7FF8012000000000.  The first of these indicates such things as inf-inf, 0*inf, 0/0, and inf/inf.  The second occurs apparently only with rem(x,0).  I am not sure why this particular operation was selected for a different NaN, but if it still works that way, you could use this for your purposes.  However, you do have the problem of recognizing the difference afterwards.  At the moment I cannot think of a way to do it.

Roger Stafford