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Subject: ode solvers and outputing dependent variables
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Is there any way to output dependent variables that are calculated within the 'ode function' or the 'event' function? For example:

function dxdt = odefun(t,x)
y = ugly function of t and x
z = ugly function of t and x
dxdt = [y*z; z];

since i'm calculating the values in 'odefun', i want to get y and z out so i dont have to calculate the values again after the ode solver (ie ode23s) is done. ideally, i'd be able to get the values of y and z for every time step.

right now the only options i see are to forgo using the matlab ode solver and write my own solver (i dont trust my ability to do this well) or to have the values written to a file each time step (doesnt seem very efficient).