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"Roger Stafford" <> wrote in message <gprp12$1ta$>...
>   The function 'graphshortestpath' expects a square matrix, and you have given it only the upper half, so you will have to fill in or at least extend to a full 5 x 5 matrix before making the call.
> Roger Stafford

  To enlarge upon what I said above, when you create a sparse matrix, it is possible to force a square size on it even though the area it is defined in is not square.  For example

 A = sparse([1 2 1],[1 2 3],1);

will have size(A) = [2,3], whereas

 B = sparse([1 2 1],[1 2 3],1,3,3);

gives size(B) = [3,3], even though the non-zero portions of A and B are identical.

Roger Stafford