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"Snow White" <> wrote in message <gq0tah$lee$>...
> it is an m by n matrix and both are positive integers. n is a number that is calculated at row x and column y position. So it is not a function
> "Matt Fig" <> wrote in message <gq0s8p$8if$>...
> > n better be an m-by-n matrix if you are requesting the element n(x,y).  Both x and y also should be positive integers with x<=m and y<=n.
> > 
> > It seems as though you are thinking of n as a function of x and y.  In that case you will have to define the function before calling it.  See the help for anonymous functions.

OK then, what is the size of n and what values of x and y are you using when you get the error message?

That should give you a hint.