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I dont quite get your point. n(x,y) is one value that is determined at an image pixel location of x,y and so are the other values determined for that pixel location. I know rho and theeta_incident i have to find n(x,y).

"Steven Lord" <> wrote in message <gq11me$kfv$>...
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> > Hello,
> >
> > I want to find the value of n(x,y), I have the other values and following 
> > is the code that i have written, i can not mathematically filter out 
> > n(x,y):
> >
> > numerator(x,y)=(((n(x,y))-(1/n(x,y)))^2)*((sin(theeta_incident))^2);
> > 
> > denominator(x,y)=2+((2*(n(x,y)^2))-((n(x,y))+(1/n(x,y))^2))*((sin(theeta_incident))^2)+(4*(cos(theeta_incident)))*(sqrt((n(x,y)^2))-((sin(theeta_incident))^2));
> >            rho=numerator(x,y)/denominator(x,y);
> Write a function that accepts a vector of M parameters, where M is the 
> number of elements you want your n matrix to contain, as well as whatever 
> other values it needs to calculate a value for numerator.  Have your 
> function use those parameters to construct the matrix n and compute the 
> difference between the calculated value of numerator and the measured values 
> that you have for numerator.  Then call FSOLVE to find M parameters that 
> make the difference the zero matrix.
> -- 
> Steve Lord