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> Hi Bruno,
> now I clearly understand what you mean. Thats the point, how can I say to Matlab, which solution he had to pick or rather what kind of options I have to say which solution is right for me??

Shane I invite you to medidate about this example:
A = [1     0     1
     0     1     1]
xright = [-1 1 3]'

% Try to find xright:
x1 = A\b
x2 = pinv(A)*b


Mr S.: x1 and x2 are not right, because it is not x, which I want
Mr Matlab: why? A*x1 = b and A*x2=b, they are both fine
Mr S: yes but I want x, not x1 and x2
Mr Matlab: Tell me more, how should I select x if you only gives me A and b?
Mr S: Because... <- you need to fill the rest of the story here