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Subject: Is it possible to differentiate this equation 34 times?
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hi, i need to find a way to differentiate this equation 34 times at least. Before that I was using the diff() command on the 2007 version. However, after the 4th differentiation, I maxed out the number of characters that can be displayed on the screen.
P(z)=([-3.996.*(z-1).*(z+0.9985).*(z-(-0.0008 - 0.9992i)).*(z-(-0.0008 + 0.9992i))]./[1.9985.*(1.0008 + 0.9992i).*(1.0008 - 0.9992i).*(1-z.^4.*exp(0.00307*(1-z)))])

I dont need to get the differentiated form of the equation, just the probability values of each differentiated equation when z =0. Like

Is there a way to do so? I looked through the tutorials but I don see how I can use the ode functions or polydar functions to solve it. Any help is greatly appreciated.