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"lovish " <> wrote in message <gqp32v$kum$>...
> Hi guys,
> I am having problems with maximizing a function using optimization tool. I have to maximize
> max f(x)= log (x1) + log (x2) + log (x3)
> with the constraints that x1+x2 <=1 ; x1+x3<=1
> I'm solving it using optimization tool box using fmin solver. The function I have created is 

There is no solver called fmin in the optimization
toolbox. So it will be difficult to help you.

> function f=objfun(x)
> f= log(x1)+log(x2)+ log (x3);
> f=-z;
> I have used f=-z in order to maximize the function as fmin minimizes the function f(x) But  it isn't working. Please guide me as to how should I use the toolbox in order to maximize the function.

What is not working? What is wrong? What has
failed? In what way did it fail?

The crystal ball is cloudy.