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Subject: Re: FEX: the ML file exchange censored and stifled by the makers of MATLAB (TMW)
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"Matthew Simoneau" 
> We have discussed the feedback that you and others have given regarding the structure of this contest.  After a lot of discussion and serious soul-searching, we have decided to let this contest continue through Wednesday as planned.
> You clearly have a different vision for the correct use of File Exchange, which we built and operate for our community&#8217;s benefit.   Ned described our thinking here:
> We encourage you to share your feedback on this thread.   Commenting on individual submissions isn&#8217;t the right place for this discussion.  We don&#8217;t want participants to feel intimidated from participating...

dear matthew
i ABSOLUTELY do NOT agree with your beauty-parlor reply!
as a matter of fact: you just - and very sadly so - have confirmed my opinion on the latest development regarding the FEX, which states in a nutshell:
criticism is good - as long as it does not affect members/goals of TMW... (just look at the copious useless video submissions and pdfs by TMW members, all of which have not gotten a (deserved) one-star rating simply because people were anxious to not loose their license upgrade...)
as a somewhat longtime FEX/CSSM observer, i do ask you (ie, better your superior TMW officials) sincerely: why (then) did TMW accordingly deal with contributions/reviews of those submissions of a particular person called M....
do we deal with double-standards here - we (certainly) know we do not...
i most sincerely DO hope that TMW does NOT start to tweak the FEX, which - after all - is (intended to be) a public marketplace, to its (the money-monger company's lawyers) likings; albeit this unnecessary exercise does not to seem to bode well for the future...
as ever, best from zurich