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Subject: Re: FEX: the ML file exchange censored and stifled by the makers of MATLAB (TMW)
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 21:03:01 +0000 (UTC)
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My personal 2 cents is that Urs's (and John's etc.) FEX feedbacks have as much a right to appear on FEX as any of the contest submissions. I know them well enough to trust their integrity in giving a better feedback than a single star for those contest submissions that actually merit it.

I understand MatCentral's wish not to have participants become intimidated, but unilaterally removing feedback is not the correct manner to handle this. We all know it's a TMW property and legally they may do this, but doing so seriously undermines the trust which is at the basis of good community forums, as MatCentral intends to be.

This is especially bothersome since Urs, John and others who have commented are such well-respected members of the community. They are worth lots of $$$ to TMW, simply by their contributions to FEX and CSSM that save TMW money by reducing the need for paid forum managers (Steve Lord could never handle everything himself). Ill-treating such assets is really not in TMW's interests.

I personally *do* see a point in the recent contest: It may not highlight Matlab's algorithmic abilities as prior contests did, but visualization is (IMHO) an important aspect of modern applications and Matlab has much to offer in this respect. The contest highlights and encourages this. I also understand TMW's wish to publicize FEX using the contest platform, although I (like Urs et al) believe TMW should have found another repository for the contest submissions - FEX is not the place for them.

A personal note to Urs: I implore you *NOT* to remove your FEX submissions. This contest will pass in a week and its submissions will shortly be forgotten. Your excellent submissions will continue to be a beacon of light in the otherwise murky FEX long after this tempest is over. Forget TMW - think of the main reason you contribute to CSSM and FEX, which is the user community. Don't let us suffer for TMW's failings.

Yair Altman
altmany at gmail dot com