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> im8=real(ifft(im66.*im77))
> max_value=max(max(im8));
> [max_angle1,]=find(im8==max_value)
> hist(im8)
> the max_angle i find is 1 every time..but when i check im8 value, got other value max  than how i need to do the find the peak value?

The correlation you should get from doing the Re(IFFT ....) is a one dimensional graph, whereas the max(max... you are applying is for a 2 dimensional matrix. 

Try to plot what you have called im8 and see if you end up with a graph showing a peak.

When I try to access your image I get a message indicating it has been deleted or removed.

Sorry about your dead line, but it is Sunday here, and it is only just luck I caught this mail, as I have family responsibilities to deal with on a weekend.

Good Luck & Regards

Dave Robinson