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Subject: Re: FEX: the ML file exchange censored and stifled by the makers of MATLAB (TMW)
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"John D'Errico" <> wrote in message <grf73d$bn6$>...
> There are surely many other ideas. 
> I do think that repairs along some of these lines
> should be made as soon as possible. Please add
> your feedback here. They are listening to what we
> say.
Just to repeat what I wrote in another thread:

Since TMW obviously take the time to inform the feedback authors that and why their comment will be removed, it cannot be too much to ask that they do the same when the get a contribution with "yet another function" for something that already exists in one or several versions. Then they should require the author to explain the difference between his/her and the others. This explanation should then go into the file description.

This would be a most helpful way to guide a newcomer (or really anyone) to the good habit of searching for tools at the FEX, learning from code available, and contributing with useful new tools. The main impact of this would be to prod contributors to not submit just about any Q-D code just to be seen. This would also help every user in that the descriptions would become more informative, and the quality higher.

My 5p,