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"Sprinceana " <> wrote in message <gsahll$72l$>...

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> Can you help me please?

John outlined the solution for you in his original reply:

Sprinceana " <> wrote in message <gs9rs9$62a$>...
> I have the following inequality:
> -2<=648424649/617174649-154164883/3085873245*y+46354883/3085873245*x-74824961/15429366225*y*x-100/74529*x^2-100/74529*y^2<=2

No. You have a pair of inequalities, not a
single inequality relationship.

> Which is the best method to trace y=f(x) if we had an equation by type y-x=2

Define "trace" here. Do you wish to plot this
relationship? Why not use plot?

help plot
lookfor plot

The general scheme would seem trivial.

1. Generate a list of points x.
2. Compute y = f(x).
3. Delete those (x,y) pairs which fail to satisfy
the pair of inequality relationships given above.
4. Use plot(x,y,'-') on those remaining points.

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All you need to do is write the "trivial"  MATLAB code.
Whats the problem?
What have you tried?
Where are you stuck?
What error messages do you get?