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       I'd like to know how to pass constants from the command line for the "LMFnlsq" function. For example, you've a function y = x^3 + Á*x^2 + c2*x + c3 and i want to pass the values c1, c2 and c3 from the command line rather than specifying in the file itself. I am finding that the function is not flexible in that regard. Can you tell me what i need to do if i want to play around with different constants input from the command line?


"Ramesh Kudenatti" <> wrote in message <gk5atm$16i$>...
> Hi
> Could anyone tell me how to find the roots of equation involving the transcendental functions like Airy function and its derivative  with complex argument? My function is given below.
> AiryAiPrime(Z)-c1 Exp[I Pi/6] ==0 where Z = I W (6 I k)^(-2/3), W is unknown, c1 and k are known.
> Requesting..........