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What bother me usr is this. When we type

[1:3 4 5]

it gave the array of 1 to 5.

Now, what happens if I do

[1:3 4 {} 5]

Because of the presence of {}, Matlab will interpret (or CAST or what whatever the right world)

1:3 -> {1:3}
4 -> {4}
5 -> {5}

So it looks like MATLAB is able to convert DOUBLE array to CELL array implicitly in this build.

So when I type

>> C = {1}
>> C(1) = 2

I would expect it behaves a little bit like 

>> C=uint8(1)
>> C(1) = pi

where cast from DOUBLE to INT8 is carried out.

I know that MATLAB *can* cast from class DOUBLE to CELL (while building an array), but not here: it flushes me out with the error message. To me this is an inconsistent in MATLAB behavior.

And I agree with Matt, from many documents you have showed, none of them address this behavior, even that you think the contrary.

Anyway, I might change my opinion later, but for now I'm not yet convinced.

Thanks, it was a good discussion.