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Subject: Re: Delayed Unit Step (Heaviside) Function on Matlab
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"Kola Ogidi" <> wrote in message 
> Hi,
> I'm trying to create a variable which holds a delayed unit step function 
> which starts at 64 (rather than the normal unit step function which starts 
> at 0).  I named this variable Heavisidesixtyfour and used the following 
> statement to try to implement it:
> heavisidesixtyfour=(t>=64);
> I also set the value at 63 (taking into account a problem I encountered 
> recently which was resolved by including 0 time in my count).  However, I 
> am getting the following error message whichever way I try to run it:
> ??? Error using ==> mtimes
> Inner matrix dimensions must agree.

Note that * won't work to compute t*heavisidesixtyfour -- that's matrix 
multiplication, not elementwise multiplication (.*) which is what I think 
you want.

In this case, though, if you wanted to compute the Heaviside function on 
multiple vectors, I'd create a function (or an anonymous function) that 
accepts t and returns the desired vector.

function y = heavisideN(t, N)
y = (t >= N);

% or
heavisideN = @(t, N) (t>= N);

Then use that function:

t = 0:100;
y = t .* heavisideN(t, 63); % Note the use of .* instead of *

Steve Lord