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Subject: How to parse a string? (Simple question)
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Last question for a few days, promise.

How do I pull out the numbers out of this string WITHOUT a loop?

data = '*12#;*123#;*1122#;*2#;*6312#;*112#;*1251#;*1912#;*8612#;

I basically want to be able to pull out the numbers, such as I'll have:

markers = [12, 123, 1122, 2, 6312, 112, 1251, 1912, 8612];

I can do this ONLY IF all the numbers are the same length (e.g. 3 digit numbers) using the indices of the '*'s and '#'s and bsxfun, but I don't know how to do it when the lengths are different. This is what I'd do if the lengths were the same.

starIndices = find(data == '*');
poundIndices = find(data == '#');

data(bsxfun(@plus, starIndices, 1:(poundIndices-starIndices)-1);

But this only will give me the first 2 digits (since the first number in the string is only 2 digits long and that bsxfun will only use that to do its thing).

Any easier way to do this?

Thanks a lot for your time!