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Ishmael <> wrote...
> Ah, perfect!  I missed that, even though it was right there in front
> of me - arrgh!  Control-F3 works (on Unix too).  Now if there were
> just a way to change the shortcut mappings...

For anyone interested, I have now uploaded to the File Exchange a utility called EditorMacro, which enables assigning keyboard macros in the Matlab editor:

A technical description of the solution underlying this utility can be found here:

While this utility [still] does not override the default editor key bindings - it acts independently so both the default action and the user macro will execute. However, it does enable setting static and dynamic user-defined editor macros and to bind these macros to keyboard shortcuts.

Note that this utility, although tested for Matlab versions 6.0 (R12) through 7.7 (R2008b), relies on undocumented and unsupported Matlab functionality which may break in future Matlab releases.

Feedback is most welcome
enjoy :-)

Yair Altman