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Hey, I don't see any "humour" here. If the people to ask questions will always be those who already know the answer, what is the point of this newsletter? All of us may ask very simple questions, simple according to others, but the questions can in deed be equally difficult for the owners of the questions probably because they are not very familiar with the subject. Let us please be a little more understanding and polite, we shall not discourage people from asking questions. If a person repeatedly asks very simple questions which have already been answered in one or more of his previous posts, only then can we to some extent decide that he is trying to be lazy and he does not make the effort he has to. 

"We" in the above paragraph refers to the set of considerate and mindful posters. I hope all of us are in "we".


"Rami AbouSleiman" <> wrote in message <h2gs6d$8o6$>...
> to be more clear,
> I have an image and I am inducing Gaussian noise through imnoise.
> I use this image as an input into a specific system and the system fails when i put imnoise var of 0.15. (it works for var < 0.15)
> I want to be able to say that the system was able to tolerate a SNR of X?
> Find X?
> Thanks