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Hello Mohammad,

If you pad the shorter character array with a sufficient number of blanks, you should be able to have that char array:

G(1,:) = 'x+y+1   ';  % I put three blanks at the end.
G(2,:) = '3x-5y+10';


"mohammad movassat" <> wrote in message <h2lqkf$cqp$>...
> Is there any way I can make a 2*1 character array from a 2*1 cell? I have a 2*1 cell:
> f{1}=x+y+1 and f{2}=3x-5y+10, (x and y are syms) I want to have a char G<2*1> with exactly the same elements. 
> ps. the Matlab version I'm using is not very updated, so I'm looking for a way using basic commands in matlab not by specific toolboxes.  any suggestions?
> Thank you