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"Mola Ram" <> wrote ...
> Hi, 
> i'm trying to interrupt a loop via command window key press. The loop is running and when the user presses a key the execution should stop. I started to solve this using java but now i got stuck (i'm new to java).
> Here the code:
> % get command window handle
> h_cw = com.mathworks.mde.desk.MLDesktop.getInstance;
> h_cw = mde.getClient('Command Window')
> % focus command window
> h_cw.requestFocus
> %add keyListener
> h_cw.addkeyListener(java.awt.KeyListener.keyPressed(java.awt.event.KeyEvent.VK_ENTER)) <---doesn't work
> I tried several things but none of it worked.
> How can i add a KeyListener? Or is there a much simpler solution?
> Greets
> Mola

You were fairly close:

mde = com.mathworks.mde.desk.MLDesktop.getInstance;
cw = mde.getClient('Command Window');
xCmdWndView = cw.getComponent(0).getViewport.getComponent(0);
h_cw = handle(xCmdWndView,'CallbackProperties');
set(h_cw, 'KeyPressedCallback', @MyMatlabFunction);
set(h_cw, 'KeyPressedCallback', {@MyMatlabFunction,extraParam1,...}); %alternative

Inside your callback function MyMatlabFunction, which accepts the caller reference, the eventData reference and your extraParams [if any], you should check eventData to detect which key was pressed and act accordingly.

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Yair Altman