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Did you find a solution to this? I've recently installed matlab & am getting exactly the same problem. Ican't seem to get an excel spreadsheet to load. It was fine on a colleague's PC.


"Eric " <> wrote in message <gfnk09$bbi$>...
> Hi there. 
> I recently just switched to a Mac and am encountering some new problems. xlsread is giving me the error:
> "File contains unexpected record length.  Try saving as Excel 98."
> The files are actually excel 97-04 so that shouldn't be the problem. I also have successfully read in some of the excel files. I have meteorological data from 20 sites and the spreadsheets are essentially identical but most of them give me this error. 
> I've tried re-saving the xls files, copying and pasting into a new file and copying a smaller portion of the file into a new file. None of the above worked and these were suggestions I got when searching other forums.
> I did notice that regardless of the files being identical (same fields and rows just different values) the file size varies greatly. I'm wondering if the files may be corrupt in some way? even though I can open them and everything seems to be there/ nothing missing. 
> Any help would be greatly appreciated 
> Thanks
> -eric