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Subject: How to disable a figure window
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          I have two applications running simultaneously. The first one could be an Excel file, or a notepad. The second application created by MATLAB as a dll running under a Windows program, has a 3d MATLAB figure window in which the user can rotate the image with a mouse. This program calculates a value and the task is to put this value in an Excel cell or the notepad where the cursor is in the first application. In order to achieve this, the focus should be on the first application not on the 3D figure window. So how can I disable  the figure window such that this window will not get the focus? When the 3D image thus disabled, the user will not be able to do any 3D functions as expected.  So the second application under user control, should be able the enable or disable this 3D figure window through the controlling windows program. How can be achieved? I searched figure window 
properties as such I could not find anything useful. Can anyone help me? Thank you.