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Subject: Re: adding order matters for accuracy ?
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"Steven Lord" <> wrote in message <h8u14i$1oe$>...
> "Bruno Luong" <b.luong@fogale.findmycountry> wrote in message 
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> > As a final note, the SUM went multithread lately, and the sum order can no 
> > longer straight forward predicted (in one experiment on my PC, this 
> > happens with array larger than 88998 elements). The same code can give 
> > then different result when running on different computer just because of 
> > this reason.
> That was a bug that was fixed in the latest release:

Thank you for the info Steve. Indeed I played around witth SUM under 2009B by varying maxNumCompThreads (the soon-to-be-deleted command) and the result is consistent. When using on large array the behavior of SUM command has changed from previous Matlab versions. In short: it is no longer backward compatible. A small issue, nevertheless worth to notice.