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"Bobby Cheng" <> wrote in message <h9n3fm$3t2$>...
> Yes, something like that.
> I believe that MATLAB does a pretty good job in protecting itself against 
> other applications in resetting the states. So customers should not need to 
> worry about it. If you discover a problem, please contact our support.
> Having said that, I think it is always possible to break it on purpose, 
> similar to writing a mex file that seg-v and crashes MATLAB, but I have not 
> tried and would urge everyone not to try too hard. :)

I have not seen the round-off mode being altered, however we have seen reproducible crashes of Matlab compiled shared library when working with some third party DLL. I traced back as I have a strong suspicious the root cause is that the floating point exception handler (controlled by the same controll word) is modified by the third party DLL. This is really a pain.