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Subject: Re: Is it a bug or what is it?
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My solution to this bug:

Use some other BLAS-library as Intel MKL, what is standard used under Matlab. I tested for example with GotoBla2 and it works fine with it. The GotoBlas is almost as fast as Intel MKL, but it seems that this bug is away. 

On Linux Machines:
1. Download GotoBlas2 and install it
2. Bash terminal: export BLAS_VERSION=pathtoGotoBlas2/
3. The same terminal: matlab

You can of course set this varible in a bash script to automate your matlab call.

I think on windows machines it is the same way. You must compile gotoBlas2 for your machine and then setting the system variable BLAS_VERSION you can repair your matlab :-)

It would be interesting if somebody test it with ATLAS (parallelized)!?!

Best Regards