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Subject: Re: Size-function and ";"
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Adam Andersen L?ss?e wrote:
> I have this very annoying problem, that I have now encoutered a few times:
> Excerpt of the code:
> ------
> ...
> for i=1:nelb
>     sys.T{i+nelb}= [i+1 i+nelb+1 i+nelb+2]  % ";" gives error?!
> end
> size(sys.T,2)
> ------
> (some other stuff is before this, but this is what seems to be causing the problems.)
> If the operation in the for-loop is ended with a ";" then
> "size(sys.T,2)" returns a value, as if the loop has not been run at
> all. If ";" is omitted it returns fine, but I of course have a very
> cluttered command window.
> If I run the program with the ";" and then after the program has
> finished type "size(sys.T,2)" in the command window, it returns the
> proper result.
> What is happening and how do I fix it?

Think you'll need to post a full example that demonstrates the problem 
w/o excerpting and trying to interpret the error messages.  You've 
"concised" it down too far...