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"Yair Altman" <altmanyDEL@gmailDEL.comDEL> wrote in message <hgbm5d$rvm$>...
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> > There might be a way to set the objects to transparent using JAVA, but I think I will leave that one to Yair Altman.  
> > 
> > Calling Yair Altman!
> Unfortunately, Matlab uicontrols are encased within heavyweight java.awt.Panel containers, which cannot be made transparent. I don't know why MathWorks chose to use heavyweight Panels instead of lightweight javax.swing.JPanels that would have enabled transparent controls and used less resources. I have suggested this improvement a year or two ago to the relevant people, but received no feedback. Maybe the reason is that when Java-based figures were first developed a decade ago, Swing was not yet available, and today nobody really wants to touch this code ("don't fix it if it ain't broke...").
> A more technical description:
> BTW, this is also the reason uicontrols always appear on top of axes, regardless of their Java z-order or Matlab stack order. It is also the reason Matlab controls are all Java Peers instead of regular Swing components.
> Yair Altman

Strike the sentence about uicontrols always appearing on top of axes because of the lightweight/heavyweight issue - it's not exactly correct: axes also use an opaque AxisCanvas and you can actually hide uicontrols beneath axes if you switch their parent containers' z-order. Sorry if this addendum doesn't clarify things - sometimes an attempt to simplify and be concise causes inadvertent inaccuracies.