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"Jan Simon" <> wrote in message <hgihbj$3k$>...
> Dear all!
> Where can I find the offical rules for publishing files on the FileExchange?
> If I open the page for submitting a new file ( ), I find these messages:
>   "Compiled files must be accompanied by their source."
>   "(Non-transparent GIF, non-animated, JPG, or PNG less than 600px wide)"
> Currently compiled files are not accepted at all - but this has changed frequently in the last years. I'm sure that there are good reasons for this and I hope, that TMW could explain them to me/us.
> Transparent and animated GIFs *are* accepted - I'm definitely happy about that, because animated GIFs are the best way to explain animations created by the published file. I can also find pictures larger than 600px in the FEX...
> I asked the FEX moderators for some clear guidelines some months ago, but I did not get an answer or find concering changes on the web pages yet.
> In the "Guidelines for New Submissions" ( ) I find:
>   "The Submission must not directly compete with products offered by The MathWorks or its partners."
> I've published a patch for FILTFILT, which directly competes with Matlab's original FILTFILT. Of course I offered the patch (and a bunch of others) at first to the MathWorks support team, but I did not get any reaction from the developers for 6 months. I asked, if I'm allowed to publish the patch, and I think it is an answer, that the file is in the FEX...
> Please, TMW, would it be possible to update the instructions for publishing files?
> Could somebody clear my question, if it is allowed to publish a function, which improves performance or stability of a Matlab function, if the developpers are not showing any interest? Or does this concern the "not directly compete" paragraph? I do not want to get or make troubles, when I try to improve the performance of your product.
> Kind regards, Jan
> See also:

Dear Jan,

Your experience is one of the many showing that TMW is quite reluctant to make any official rules, criteria and/or restrictions for publications on the FEX. In the present situation, they reserve the right to remove anything from the FEX, or use it to improve their own product. Remember that MatLab is a commercial product after all!