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Dear Jos!

> Your experience is one of the many showing that TMW is quite reluctant to make any official rules, criteria and/or restrictions for publications on the FEX. In the present situation, they reserve the right to remove anything from the FEX, or use it to improve their own product. Remember that MatLab is a commercial product after all! 
> Jos  

I do remember, that Matlab is a commercial product - I have payed for it.
I do see, that TMW is really interested in the user community - I even got a mail contact after I've described some problems here and the local distributor for Germany called me by phone at 5.30 pm on a Friday to inform me about the zero-bug initiative.
But on the other hand I see, that nobody seems to be responsible for valid informations on the web-page for submitting FEX files. This does not look very professional.
I get the impression, that the internal structures between the developers, the support and the web editorial staff have a great potential for improvements. Perhaps some synergistic effects...

It is clear, that TMW can delete and use submissions of the FEX. As far as I understood, the need of BSD licenses was not introduced to support the rights of the authors, but the rights of TMW. And I think, they are welcome: improvements of *their* product are improvements of the product *I* buy.

Thanks Jos! Your hint, that Matlab is a commercial product reinforces my hope to get an answer from TMW team. Jan