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Subject: Re: How can I train SVM in Matlab, with svmtrain command, but for 
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On Dec 18, 9:01 pm, "Bruno Luong" <>
> - Analysis of Multiclass Support Vector Machines, Shigeo Abe
> - Winner takes all -> B. Schölkopf, C. Burges, and V. Vapnik. Extracting support data for a given task. In KDD'95, 1995.  
> - One againsts one -> S. Knerr, L. Personnaz, and G. Dreyfus. Single-layer learning revisited : A stepwise procedure for building and training a neural network. In F. Fogelman-Soulié and J. Hérault, editors, Neurocomputing: Algorithms, Architectures and Applications, volume F68 of NATO ASI Series, pages 41-50. Springer-Verlag, 1990.
> - Decision graph: J.C. Platt, N. Cristianini, and J. Shawe-Taylor. Large margin DAGs for multiclass classi cation. In NIPS 12, pages 547-553, 2000.
> Bruno

While exploring the net for some Matlab code that can do multiclass
SVM. I was wondering, is it possible to train the SVM with a character
(e.g one vector that contain binary letter information, with 1's and
0's) like in the neural net training ?

Because all the demos, and all the articles I read deal with 2 dim
While it is possible to find some features that describe  letters in
the 2 dim space, I was looking to speed things up, by entering the
letter as is in its raw binary info (like neural net).