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Subject: Re: Windows 7 file Explorer crashing on encountering Matlab .mat files
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"george " <> wrote in message <hhg2j4$dq7$>...
> I started encountering what appears to be an unusual problem:
> Windows 7 file Explorer started crashing and automatically restarting  consistently on opening or browsing any directory containing Matlab .mat files!
> Just for example,  renamimg a .mat file extension to .matmat helps explorer to browse directory and renaming it back to .mat immediatelly crashes the explorer.
>  I looked int blogs and it appear to be happening to others but mainly with media (e.g. mpeg) files. On my machine, .mat is associated to Matlab via the registry but I can not even run file to program association utility as it uses explorer to search for all file extension on the machine so it crashes too. I did not have much luck with the blogs so I wandered if anyone of you has  a suggestion how to solve this issue.

Not help, but maybe info.
I have pretty plain Win7, x64, with office products loaded.
No such issues.
When new, it had .mat associated with office something.
All .mat files showed as shortcuts & would not show extensions, regardless of settings for show extensions & hide nothing.
Folder options, or equivalent, (non-registry editing) switched it to Matlab & have noticed no ill-effects.
Anyway, I guess that means that you are looking for something different: something in your setup.