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"Bruno Luong" <b.luong@fogale.findmycountry> wrote in message <hi2vf9$r8f$>...
> "us " <> wrote in message <hi2uma$77g$>...
> > 
> > SO - old CSSMers will stick with the
> >      [foo,foo,foo,goo,goo]=f();
> > syntax...
> > 
> Well, new member(s) still not entirely convinced... (see my reply to you us)
> Btw, do we consider Jos as considered as junior or senior member? I consider myself and Jan as senior members - well relatively to some other. ;-)
> Bruno

bruno - wording was OLD, not senior/junior with respect to # of CSSM appearances/ML age... and simply referring to the fact that someone like me (53y) is, well... biologically... very old...

i guess i'm slowly getting to old to hang around in this (lovely) NG any longer...