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Subject: Re: 64bits and memory problem
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"Shiguo " <> wrote in message <he4f39$c64$>...
> When I was using svmtrain in libsvm. I got this same problem. I write the software author (Chih-Jen Lin), he said that we need to modify make.m, add -largeArrayDims on 64-bit machines. So we need: 
> mex -O -largeArrayDims ...
> now the make file is like this:
> mex -O -largeArrayDims -c svm.cpp
> mex -O -largeArrayDims -c svm_model_matlab.c
> mex -O -largeArrayDims svmtrain.c svm.obj svm_model_matlab.obj
> mex -O -largeArrayDims svmpredict.c svm.obj svm_model_matlab.obj
> mex -O -largeArrayDims libsvmread.c
> mex -O -largeArrayDims libsvmwrite.c
> It fixed the problem. Enjoy~
> P.S., the following FAQ says about the x64 compiler when installing visual studio c.
> Q: On 64bit Windows I compile the MATLAB interface without problem, but why errors occur while running it?
> If you use Microsoft Visual Studio, probabally it is not properly installed. See the explanation here.  

I was originally getting this error:
"Function "mxGetIr_700" is obsolete in file "compat32.cpp", line 246.
(64-bit mex files using sparse matrices must be rebuilt with the "-largeArrayDims" option. ...)"

But I've still got this problem, even when I compile my GibbsSamplerAT.cpp file with the -largeArrayDims flag.

GibbsSamplerAT.cpp: In function &#8216;void mexFunction(int, mxArray**, int, const mxArray**)&#8217;:
GibbsSamplerAT.cpp:265: error: cannot convert &#8216;mwIndex*&#8217; to &#8216;int*&#8217; in assignment
GibbsSamplerAT.cpp:266: error: cannot convert &#8216;mwIndex*&#8217; to &#8216;int*&#8217; in assignment
GibbsSamplerAT.cpp:385: error: cannot convert &#8216;mwIndex*&#8217; to &#8216;int*&#8217; in assignment
GibbsSamplerAT.cpp:386: error: cannot convert &#8216;mwIndex*&#8217; to &#8216;int*&#8217; in assignment
GibbsSamplerAT.cpp:417: error: cannot convert &#8216;mwIndex*&#8217; to &#8216;int*&#8217; in assignment
GibbsSamplerAT.cpp:418: error: cannot convert &#8216;mwIndex*&#8217; to &#8216;int*&#8217; in assignment

Here are lines 265 and 266:
irad  = mxGetIr(prhs[2]);
jcad  = mxGetJc(prhs[2]);

, where 'irad' and 'jcad' are defined as *int. I tried casting them to mwIndex*, but got further errors.

Someone at this link said to "update to Matlab BGL 2.1 which includes precompiled files for 64-bit linux with support for largeArrayDims included". I have no idea how to do this. I downloaded the BGL, but I have no idea how to install it. 

I'm totally stumped. Any help much appreciated.