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Subject: Re: Doubt on usefulness of the FEX
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"Matt J " <mattjacREMOVE@THISieee.spam> wrote in message <hiksi2$9ff$>...
> "Steven Lord" <> wrote in message <hikoai$1s$>...
> > Or are you referring to one author making a small change to another author's 
> > file and having the modified file appear on the original file's page? 
> > That's a possibility ... 
> I hope you mean that the modified file could appear there in addition to the original file, rather than overwriting it...

Maybe every file could list "children" and "parents". So if you write a file that modifies another file, you could list that original file as a "parent". Then a link would appear on your page to the "parent", and also on the original file, a link would appear to the "child". That could allow people to rapidly surf through different versions of the program and encourage more collaboration... 
Regards! Matt