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Subject: Re: MEX Setup for Mac OS X 10.6
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Hi Christian,

Are you sure you installed Xcode developer tools? The installer is on 
your Mac OS X install DVD.  Do you have a folder named "Developer" on 
your local hard drive?  If you open Terminal, and type 'gcc --version' 
what is returned? If Terminal can't find gcc either, then the tools are 
not installed.

If you need more help than this, please troubleshoot (Google might help) 
and provide more details.

- Brian

Christian wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to setup a mex compiler for MATLAB R2009b (64bit), running on 
> a Mac Intel 64bit, OS X 10.6 and the newest version of Apple XCode (3.2.1).
> I've run mex -setup, but MATLAB cannot locate the g++/gcc compiler. Is 
> there any general walkthrough for setting up the compiler for a 64-bit 
> system?
> Thanks,
> -Christian