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Really Thank You Sir, at least now i am sure that i am not doing anything wrong.. :))

But Sir My Problem is, very very simple, say i am having a sequence of 100 bits, after decomposing i need to have a sequence of 100 samples, say 'haar' i'm talking about.

how do i get that decomposed "Sequence", not Tree.. i don't need tree.... :((

i got what u said me that wpdec is doing the same thing, okay thats great.. but how to reconstruct the whole sequence ... say 100 coefficient for 100 input bits.. 

not just a single coefficient for a particular Node. 

when i'd written the program for "wavelet packet decomposition" manually, i used 2 get direct decomposed coefficients sequence... say 100 co-effs for 100 input bits..

sir u do one thing for me, take 100 binary bits, decompose it, get 100 coefficients (not Tree Node), then reconstruct the same 100 bits from co-effs, (not from Tree)

 Sorry sir i know i'm disturbing you, but these tree stuffs freaking me out.. .. .. :((