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"Riyman " <> wrote in message <hljkjs$i04$>...
> Hi,
> what are the commands to find:
> cube root,
> 4th root
> nth root
> Thanks for your help,
> R.

The trick here is to use the capabilities of matlab.
The lookfor function helps you to find the name
of a function that you know must exist, but you
simply don't know what it might be called.

You want to compute some root of a number. So
why not try this:

lookfor root

If you did that, you would have found a few
functions that compute roots.

Next, you might benefit from looking at some of
the elementary functions in matlab. So try this:

help elfun

Look there. You will find a few functions to
compute roots. Finally, you should recognize that
a root is simply a power. So

lookfor power

might give something interesting.