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Subject: Re: how to obtain CSI from rayleighchan pathgains?
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Dear Idin Sir..

I'm repeating my question, I'm using reyleighchan, say for 1000 bits of 100 parallel streams. now i set my channel with chan=rayleighchan and some required parameters, then coeff=chan.PathGain; wud give me the channel status and at the receiver i simply divide received streams by coeff; and i'm getting exact performance.

Now my question is
What kind of Equalization is this, i think it is somewhat more than adaptive equalization, because i'm getting 100 different Coeffs for 100 different streams and i'm simply dividing by the status very easily, now in practice "which kind of Equalization" wud give me this Performance..????

Practically how would i get this status directly like this. ? or is it possible at all.?
Note: My System doesn't have pilot or anything to get CSI from the channel.

Thank You