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Walter Roberson <> wrote in message <hm8ub6$m68$>...
> √ėyvind wrote:
> > So is noone interested in the new release, or is it that one has to sign 
> > a non-disclosure agreement before downloading it? I mean, not a single 
> > soul is even willing to _speculate_ what's coming?
> The syntax of 'for' has been enhanced so that if it is followed by a 
> sequence of non-blank characters that includes the * or ? characters, or 
> by a quoted sequence of characters that includes the * or ? characters 
> (and may include blank), then the sequence of characters is treated as a 
> filename pattern that is to be globbed and the loop iterated over each 
> resulting file name. For example,
> for fid = 'C:\Documents and Settings\Roberson\Matlab 2010a\datadir\*.wav'
> would expand the pattern and assign each name in turn to fid.
> The functionality of save has been enhanced such that if the first 
> string passed to save has the format of a valid variable name, and that 
> variable name exists in the routine that called save, then instead of 
> the string being used literally, the value of the variable will be 
> retrieved and used as the filename. This enhancement will support the 
> often-requested sequence, e.g.,
> filename = 'Eig_results.mat';
> save filename X
> There will be a new optional parameter to cell(), zeros(), ones(), 
> char(), single(), double(), logical(), the int*() and uint*() and 
> typecast routines and various other routines such as diag(); the 
> optional parameter will be named 'index0', and it will cause the 
> resulting array to be indexed starting from 0 rather than from 1. In the 
> rare situation where the number of indices provided is exactly enough 
> that logical indexing might be inferred, logical indexing of such arrays 
> will only be used if the provided indices are of type logical (or a 
> subclass of logical); for arrays without the index0 attribute, logical 
> indexing will continue to be performed if all of the indices have 
> _value_ 0 or 1, no matter what type.
> There will be a new set of parameters to system_dependent with names 
> beginning with 'dwim' (Do What I Mean). As per usual, the effects of 
> these parameters will be undocumented.

and - yes - wr forgot to mention the arrival of a new set of functions...

     help goto;     % <- and look at its many siblings...