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"Dave Robinson" <> wrote in message 
> "Matt Fig" <> wrote in message 
> <hmb8dc$8fi$>...
>> Two of my new favorites, which I am sure will help slow some of the 
>> traffic on cssm:
>> >>help domyhomework
>> DOMYHOMEWORK Automatic assignment completion.
>> FNAME, the correct solution to the homework assignment given by the text 
>> of DESCRIPTION.  The optional input, DESIREDGRADE, will take into account 
>> the desired level of MATLAB competence.  These are to be capital letters 
>> chose from 'A','B','C',D','F'.  If 'A' is chose, the code within the 
>> M-File will be fully documented, with help and an H1 line, with input and 
>> error checking, and vectorized where appropriate for optimum efficiency. 
>> If 'D' is chosen, there will be no comments, no help, and nearly every 
>> line will use a call to EVAL.  Also the code may be buggy.  See also 
> Shouldn't the parameters of the DOMYHOMEWORK function be reversed? I 
> thought it should be
> where DESCRIPTION is an optional parameter to allow it not to be used so 
> that students need not break into valuable drinking time actually 
> describing what he/she wants the application to do - after all thats what 
> a significant number of these students expect us to work with. This should 
> be relatively easy for TMW to implement using the Steve Eddins Mind 
> Reading function - surely he must have it perfected by now?

Well, I shouldn't be posting this, but here's the example from the M-file 

    functionName = doMyHomework('A', 

So it shouldn't cut down on students' valuable drinking time _too_ much.

Hmm ... now that I think of it, I wonder if we were able to fix that "bug" 
where the desiredgrade parameter was always set to 'F' inside the function 
itself, ignoring the user's input?  Oh well, if we didn't I'm sure we'll 
hear about it sooner or later :)

Steve Lord
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