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"Chuck37 " <> wrote in message <hm4drk$rej$>...
> I hope someone can help out.   Suppose I have a 3D plot, it's very big and for the moment I only care about a small part of it.  I zoom way in until I'm looking closely at my place of interest, but if I try to rotate I find that the rotation is about some other spot far away and the point of interest is instantly way off screen.
> Is there a way to change the point of rotation to be my current point of interest?  I can know this ahead of time, so it doesn't need to be a graphical way.  I have tried setting CameraTarget to my point of interest, but I find that the instant I click on the plot, CameraTarget changes to some new, seemingly random, location.  I've tried changing various things from auto to manual, but they too change the second the interface is used.
> Thanks for any help.

Instead of zooming in, try only plotting the data you want to see.