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Walter Roberson <> wrote in message <hmjcto$bdv$>...
> √ėyvind wrote:
> > Seriously, though, is there some custom that one never seriously 
> > discusses future matlab-versions on this forum? While some freewheeling 
> > humorous speculation (which I sort of asked for in my first post) is 
> > fun, is the future direction of Matlab of little interest to its users?
> I haven't ever checked Mathwork's beta-test and pre-release licenses, 
> but on every company I've tested for, beta and pre-release testers are 
> under non-disclosure agreements. If I knew what was coming in 2010a (or 
> any future release), I would not be allowed to tell you.
> I do test software for companies from time to time, but I only publicly 
> talk about officially released versions. If I were the kind of person 
> who broke non-disclosure agreements, I would not deserve my security 
> clearance.

I think this is a perfectly fine answer. In fact I asked about NDAs earlier, but the replies were mixed, and though some people were obviously joking, others seemed to be answering in earnest. I don't think you can assume that the practice with NDAs is blindingly obvious to everyone.

So no information on r2010a is publicly available as of yet. Okidokey.

I do find that in general there seems to be little discussion of new features in this forum, even after public release. While many, quite understandably, care more about stability, bugs, etc. it's a bit surprising (statistically) that with such a vast userbase there isn't much 'buzz' surrounding 'new stuff'. (As I don't contribute much myself, I'm in no position to complain, it's more of an observation.)