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Subject: Re: What's new in release 2010a?
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Jumping in with a few quick thoughts:

Øyvind - sorry to hear about your disappointment with the lack of enhancements to the GUI building system.  We know that you aren't the only user who is waiting anxiously for an upgrade to our capabilities in this area.  

The feature that I'm REALLY excited about is buried in some pretty obscure text on the release highlight page:
"New System objects for stream processing in MATLAB, with over 140 supported algorithms in Video and Image Processing Blockset and Signal Processing Blockset"

Short story: You can now use some Simulink blocks directly in MATLAB (Simulink not required).  

Longer story: If you ever program time- or sample-based algorithms in MATLAB, this introduces a way-better programming model.  Ditto for more generic stream processing, like looping through data in an arbitrarily large file.  States and incrementing are managed for you, allowing you to write code that looks something like this, where I manage a filter, audio input, and audio output as 3 of these objects Filter, AudioIn, and AudioOut.

while ~isDone(AudioIn)
  sig = step(AudioIn);
  filteroutput = step(Filter, sig);
  step(AudioOut, filteroutput);

It's not my bag, but these also play with Fixed Point, and to some extent with embedded MATLAB, allowing to convert your MATLAB code using system objects to C code.

- scott

"Øyvind " <> wrote in message <hmqm1a$cnv$>...
> "Pekka Kumpulainen" <> wrote in message <hmqkhk$92j$>...
> > R2010a is now available. You can see what's new from
> >
> Thanks. Quickly scanned the release notes, and there seem to be mostly minor changes. 
> Absolutely dreadfully disappointed (as usual) that there is no update to the GUI system. I need to start looking around for something other than Matlab, but the task of learning a new language and porting my project is extremely daunting...
> Aargh.