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Subject: Re: data fitting for 2 data sets and functions
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You are right, the function to be minimized would be:

   norm(F1(X1) - Y1)^2 + norm(F2(X2) - Y2)^2

and yes my parameters are constrained then I should use 'fmincon' . In addition to my previous attempt,  now I've provided my function with the gradient, but still no acceptable answer.

"Sadik " <> wrote in message <hls744$gd7$>...
> From the documentation, it seems that lsqcurvefit is minimizing the sum of squared errors.
> Actually, if I were you, I would check two things:
> 1. Did I program the optimization correctly?
> 2. Why do you use fmincon? You don't have any constraints, right? So maybe you should use fminunc.
> Best.