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I guess it is a Microsoft Access Table type file. I have no idea for the rest.


"Oleg Komarov" <> wrote in message <hnapkt$oto$>...
> "saranya " <> wrote in message <hnanq9$qmp$>...
> > could anyone please help me out in knowin how to retreive the data's(i.e each attributes, columns) from the dataset. the dataset is not the image set it is odbc one which is.mat extn.. please help me to know how to read and fetch the data's from dataset.
> "the dataset is not the image set it is odbc one which is.mat" 
> You're misusing terms here (at least as I understand them).
> Please confirm if this is true:
> you have a dataset object (which has nothing to do with odbc) stored in a .mat file?
> Oleg