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Subject: Re: Gamma Function & Imaginary argument
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Hi Eric,

1) I am sorry, I don't know.
2) mcgama.m on page 
    should work for you.


"Eric Diaz" <> wrote in message <hnc146$kpp$>...
> Dear Matlab community,
> I would like to use an imaginary input argument in the provided gamma function to test out a theory from literature.  However, when I put the my argument in, gamma(1/2+i*omega), I received the following error.
> ??? Undefined function or method 'gamma' for input arguments of type
> 'double' and attributes 'full scalar complex'.
> The documentation for this function also states that the input must be real.  Nevertheless, the literature clearly shows the usage of imaginary arguments.
> So, my questions are: 
> 1.) Is there any reason that this function will not take imaginary inputs?
> 2.) Is there any way around this?
> Thanks,
> Eric Diaz