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"Matt J " <mattjacREMOVE@THISieee.spam> wrote in message <hnltt1$q55$>...
> free0iran <> wrote in message <>...
> > 
> > Optimization terminated: no feasible solution found. Magnitude of
> > search
> >  direction less than 2*options.TolX but constraints are not satisfied.
> > 
> > i tried to change the x tolerance but that did no good.
> ====================
> It's not clear why  this is a problem? fmincon is  just telling you that it's finished.

Sorry, I overlooked the part about "no feasible solution found"

What you should do is comparethe output of your analytical constraint gradient function to a numerical approximation of the constraint gradient. Numerical approximation works, as you've mentioned, when MATLAB performs it. So the likelihood is that you have a mistake in the analytical gradient calculation.