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> Still can't get multiple lines of text on a static guide text object.  I tried using a cell array of strings (actually using the java example in cell help & using the more difficult cellstr function) in the static text create function but it doesn't work.

Multi-line text labels are unsupported in the standard uicontrols, but you can use simple Java controls and HTML line-breaks for this:

jLabel = javax.swing.JLabel('<html>This is a long<br>multi-line string');
[jhLabel,hcontainer] = javacomponent(jLabel,[10,10,100,30],gcf);

If your multiple lines are stored in a cell-array, you can convert this into a multi-line HTML string as follows:

strs = {'very long','multi-line','string'};
htmlStr = sprintf('<html>%s%s', sprintf('%s<br>',c{1:end-1}), c{end});
jLabel = javax.swing.JLabel(htmlStr);
[hcomponent,hcontainer] = javacomponent(jLabel,[10,50,50,20],gcf);

More about using HTML in Matlab labels:

Yair Altman