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Subject: Re: Triangulation with only a radius
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Ben wrote:
> I am doing a project for one of my classes and I am now stuck at the 
> implementation of a triangulation algorithm. I have to find a point of 
> intersection for three circles with only a radius and an unknown scaling 
> factor. The device only returns a signal strength value.
> I can manually change the scaling factor until the three circles barely 
> overlap and it is very obvious where the minimum intersection point 
> would be but I can't figure out where it is using Matlab.

I notice you say that you can change the scaling factor, singular, 
rather than the scaling factors, plural, so is it correct that the 
scaling factor is the same for all three circles? And is it also correct 
that all three circles have the same radius and that the scaling factor 
works the same way on all three of them?

And is it also correct that you do not know where the origins of the 
three circles are? Since you say that all you have is a radius and 
scaling factor and signal strength feedback?

I must admit that I am having difficulty picturing what kind of 
real-life situation that this is modeling.